Nature, sport and adventure – Tourlink

For those of you who love being able to reach out and touch the nature, to stand and admire the beauty of the landscapes or to experience a new and thrilling sensation.

Or what about the slow pace, the pleasant resting spots, the harmony of the senses and the wellness for both body and mind: finding the right balance between relaxation and fun for a holiday to be remembered.

Tourlink has thought up a range of possibilities for you to discover the environmental wonders of the parks and nature reserves in the area, to experience the unique tourist attractions in Basilicata (like the ‘Volo dell’Angelo’ (Angel Flight) from the Lucania Dolomites of the ‘Volo dell’Aquila’ (Eagle Flight) in San Costantino Albanese), and to try out thrilling sports (trekking, horse-riding, mountain biking, etc.)